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Blackberry 9800 Torch

Blackberry 9800 Torch themes can be found under this blackberry themes category. The blackberry 9800 Torch is the first blackberry equiped with both touchscreen and full keyboard. Find and download a free theme for it here
Eeerra 9800 OS6
This Blackberry OS6 theme version of the Ederra theme adds a simple way of working to your blackberry smartphone, including icon customizations and a wallpaper friendly layout this is a nice to have theme
Reflect7 Carbon 9800
With this Blackberry 9800 OS6 theme you will bring your device more up to date with a much smoother dark carbon look. This is the Reflect7 Carbon Blackberry 9800 theme
Vintage 9800
This blackberry 9800 Vintage theme will give your smartphone the ultimate vintage look, featuring a used look and simple vintage style blackberry icons
Hornet 9800
This Blackberry 9800 theme will add a fresh and clean look to your blackberry 9800 smartphone. This is the Hornet Theme for OS6

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Hornet 9700
Hornet Blackberry 9700 theme
Hornet 9650
Hornet Blackberry 9650 theme
Hornet 9500
Hornet Blackberry 9500 theme
Hornet 9000
Hornet Blackberry 9000 theme
Hornet 8900
Hornet Blackberry 8900 theme
Hornet 9300
Hornet Blackberry 9300 theme
Hornet 8520
Hornet Blackberry 8520 theme
Hornet 9800
Hornet Blackberry 9800 theme
Dark Moon 9300 OS5
Blackberry 9300 OS5 Dark Moon theme
Dark Moon 8520
Blackberry 8520 Dark Moon theme
Baby Bear 8520
Blackberry 8520 OS5 Baby Bear theme
Baby Bear 9300
Blackberry 9300 OS5 Baby Bear theme